Misery Loves Company – Book Review



Don’t tell me it’s terrifying. Terrify me.
Filled with grief, Jules Belleno rarely leaves the house since her husband’s death while on duty as a police officer. Other than the reviews Jules writes on her blog, she has little contact with the outside world.

But one day when she ventures out to the local grocery store, Jules bumps into a fellow customer . . . and recognizes him as her favorite author, Patrick Reagan. Jules gushes and thoroughly embarrasses herself before Regan graciously talks with her.

And that’s the last thing she remembers—until she wakes up in a strange room with a splitting headache. She’s been kidnapped. And what she discovers will change everything she believed about her husband’s death . . . her career . . . and her faith.

I have been trying to add more suspense into my reading diet, and it was while looking for suspense books that I first discovered Misery Loves Company. The premise instantly drew me in. (Being abducted by your favorite author? Yeah, I agree that would be both a terrifying and thrilling event!) As I expected, this was a fun read.

The most memorable element of this book for me was not the twists and turns or even the brilliant set-up – it was the characters. Each member of the cast of this book has some quirk that sets them apart, and they are described so well that it is easy to imagine them. This is one of those books in which the characters drive the plot.

Ah, yes, the plot. To be honest, there was barely a time reading this book when I was truly frightened for the main character – even when she was scared for her life. Part of that might be because the POV switches between Jules in the cabin and the perspective of Chris, the hunky cop who is trying to find her. (The book may or may not have actually said that he was hunky, but he is a character in a book, so I say that he’s hunky!) Also, the many references to books, writing, and reading were continual reminders that this was a book, which may have helped to provide emotional distance.

As you may have guessed, there are some romantic elements to the relationship between Sam and Jules, but because they spend so much of the book separated, romance fans might be disappointed to discover that for most of the book this romance exists only in Chris’s thoughts.

For a newbie suspense reader like me, this was a great read – one that I will probably enjoy again. I would recommend it to lovers of Christian suspense.

Disclaimer: Links in this post are affiliate links. I receive a small commission for each purchase made through them, which allows me to buy more books!


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